Mr RepairMan

Integrity and Empathy

Two principles guide our entire approach to business at Mr RepairMan: Integrity and Empathy.

We recognize how important the devices brought into our stores can be in our customers’ lives……a student facing finals with a crashing laptop, needing time-sensitive access to their device and data……a small business owner whose company operates solely off an aging, ailing office desktop, concerned about data loss and risk exposure……a freelancer with a broken mobile device, when their very livelihood revolves around their ability to communicate in a timely fashion with their clientele…Whatever the issue, at Mr RepairMan we appreciate that one approach doesn’t serve all. We strive to listen and tailor a solution to address the individual needs of each unique customer. While we understand that stress and anxiety accompany tech problems, we know that our clients rely on us to guide them to the right solution. Our mission is to make every repair process as comfortable and reassuring for our customers as possible, no matter the issue, and to treat every customer with the kindness and respect that they deserve. Because we know what it’s like, and we’re here to help.

Our Services

Mr RepairMan, is locally owned computer and smartphone online Repair service.. Our mission is to keep your devices in perfect working condition, so malfunctioning technology never slows you down. From MacBooks to PC’s to Androids and more, there is no smartphone or computer we can’t help you with.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to professional service and customer satisfaction. Mr RepairMan understands that you have options when it comes to device repair and technical support . We want to show you why we’re the best choice for screen repair, hard drive services, Apple products, and all repairs large or small.

We think it’s because of our personable staff and our belief in honest service and fair prices.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Mr RepairMan is simple: “We make technology work for you.” We are not just in the business of fixing computers; Mr RepairMan is focused on helping our customers. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. This commitment is to service means a better, more personal experience for you, our customer.

We insist on giving you only the most reliable, lasting solutions to your computer problems. We offer at least a 30-day service warranty which means we will make things right if you’re not satisfied with our work (Excluding software repairs) And Three months Warranty on all our hardware repairs (Parts).

Our Philosophy

“We make technology work for you.” We are not just in the business of fixing computers; Mr RepairMan is focused on helping our customers.
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