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GDPR Compliance

We would like to save your information to process data with the purpose to ensure quality repair services.
In compliance with GDPR, we will not store or share any of your personal information without your consent. By placing an order, you accept our terms and conditions

All data will be held for a maximum of 3 months from the last date of contact from our company to the customer. All data will be processed inline with GDPR regulations and will be kept on site and on secure servers. If you wish to have the data removed, you must do so in writing by emailing us at

Data Recovery

Data & Hard Drive Recovery for Computers and Laptops

Our Technicians have the knowledge and experience to recover a wide range of any failed mass storage device – hard drive, SSD drive, USB Drives, SD card, and others

When all other attempts to recover your data in-house have been exhausted, we can outsource your recovery to specialists.

How Our Repair Service Work


Order and Book

Select the issue you are facing with your device and place an order for it with correct details.



We will set up a collection for your device at convenient time for you.



We will return your device once it has been repaired.

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