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Screen Repair and Replacement

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Screen Repair

At Mr RepairMan, we are experts in screen repair. When it comes to screen repairs, oftentimes only one component of the screen is broken, such as the glass or the LCD. A few common problems with your screen include

  • Physical damage to the LCD or Class
  • Damaged connector hardware
  • Problems with display drivers
  • Issues with the motherboard
Screen Replacement

Has your laptop screen seen better days? Is it plagued with dark spots, cracks, or constant flickering? Don’t give up on your computer altogether – it may well be possible to repair or replace your laptop screen. That’s where Mr RepairMan comes in

By sourcing parts directly from vendors and whole sale retailers we are able to provide high quality and offer low prices on computer parts. Plus we provide 3 months on every part provide.

Price for the repair and parts is given, after the diagnosis of the device has been completed.

If your computer has one of the above issues or any other problems related to a computer screen, we’re here to help. Add this service to the cart to get started.

Checklist For all Phone and Apple Repairs

Please ensure you complete the following checklist before sending in your device.

Make sure you backed up your Mobile or Apple Product

If you haven't done so, connect to your Wi-Fi network and initiate the backup via Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now. Or Back up your device on your USB or an external hard drive

Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad at iOS devices

iOS devices repairs require Find My iPhone to be switched off. If it is on, we cannot continue and it will delay your repair. Please turn it off in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Find My iPhone. If you cannot access the device, remove it via icloud.

Remove your SIM

Keep your SIM card with you as we cannot guarantee returning it. As while repairing it can be misplaced or lost.

Finally, erase your device

We need to access the device in order to diagnose and test it. As well as protecting your privacy, it is important in the repair process. Please go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all contents and Settings.

Why Choose Mr RepairMan

Mr RepairMan is dedicated to supports every customer. We’re able to perform repairs and data recovery on machines that other technicians might simply write off and replace. Our normal turnaround time is 2-5 working days depending on the issue of the device (Once Received).

We Provide Pick up and Drop off service.

Data Recovery

Data & Hard Drive Recovery for Computers and Laptops

Our Technicians have the knowledge and experience to recover a wide range of any failed mass storage device – hard drive, SSD drive, USB Drives, SD card, and others

When all other attempts to recover your data in-house have been exhausted, we can outsource your recovery to specialists.

How Our Repair Service Work


Order and Book

Select the issue you are facing with your device and place an order for it with correct details.



We will set up a collection for your device at convenient time for you.



We will return your device once it has been repaired.

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